Dig To China Codes (January 2024)

Dig To China Codes (January 2024): Are You Searching for Complimentary Items on Dig to China? Check Out Our List of Dig to China Codes Below If so, our comprehensive list of Dig to China codes may have what you need! For details on how to redeem them within Dig to China please read below or bookmark this page with CTRL + D on your keyboard or “Add Bookmark” button on mobile device!

Introduction Roblox Dig To China

Dig to China is a unique variation of Roblox clicker genre in which players utilize bombs to excavate the ground and collect points. Bombs propel players upward without harming them allowing them to remain within the pit as they progress downwards. When players reach milestone of earning Rebirth ability they will earn additional bombs and points upon subsequent attempts.

Dig To China Codes

Dig To China Codes (Working)

All active codes are provided here below:

Redeem CodeReward
RubyRocks:3Special bomb
P2W5000 points
BombsAreFun1000 points
Explosions12500 bombs
Bombs4Life1500 bombs
Bx42L33000 bombs
ExplodingTime5000 points
ExplodingHeadEmoji1000 bombs
JoinTheDiscord9999 points
for0.1secondsuponjoiningyouwillseeasecretmessage6969 bombs
J8g43SL5000 Points
Thisisacode9999 Bombs
BombsAway6410,000 Bombs
thisisacode10,000 Bombs
CodesUpdate1,000 Bombs

How to redeem Dig To China Codes?

Instructions for using each code are given below.

  • Launch Roblox and open the game Dig to China.
  • Click on Twitter icon located on the left side of screen.
  • Enter the code provided in the article into the designated text box labeled “Enter Code Here!”
  • Select the green “Enter” button beside the text box to receive rewards on your account.

For More Roblox Dig To China Codes follow developer on their official social media or official discord server.

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