The WotR Blackwater Code (January 2024)

Soul Eater: Resonance is an action-packed game that challenges players to make a crucial choice: to either adopt the role of Weapon or Weapon Meister. Leverage your powers, complete challenging missions, and stand against formidable adversaries for ultimate triumph! Through your decisions you’ll reach your ultimate goal of becoming the most formidable weapons wielder within the game world.”

  • Triangle
  • Rhombus
  • Circle with dot

To enter your code, press the appropriate symbols on the control panel located near the door. These are organized in a circular pattern: triangle at the top, rhombus on the left and circle with dot on right once you have successfully inputted your code, the door will open allowing access for further travel.

Additional WotR Blackwater Code

Several other locked doors in the Blackwater area also require codes for unlocking. Here are the codes for those doors:

  • Fire Wind Hand
  • Circle Cross Triangle
  • Star Moon Sun

To enter these codes, press the corresponding symbols on each door control panel. As each door varies in terms of arrangement of its symbols on its control panel, be mindful before inputting your code that they’re all in their proper places before inputting your code.

Tips for Discovering WotR Blackwater Code

If you’re having difficulty in Blackwater finding the codes to your locked doors, here are a few helpful suggestions:

  • Thoroughly explore the area, looking for any clues that might hint at the codes.
  • Consult a game walkthrough or guide for assistance.
  • Seek help from other players online.


WotR Blackwater Codes are one of the many keys you’ll need to unlock in the game, if you want to progress further. When facing locked doors, observe their symbols carefully on the control panel before entering their corresponding codes into Blackwater’s control panel. With perseverance and dedication, all codes can be discovered and all doors unlocked!

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